Chaz Ross-Munro is a seasoned Customer Relationship Management (CRM) enthusiast with a passion for leveraging technology to drive business success. She previously held the roles of Director of Marketing and Manager of Customer Success at ProjectMark, an early stage content management and CRM software company catering to the Construction (AEC) industry.

Before embarking on her journey in the contech space, Chaz honed her expertise in the AEC sector, undertaking pivotal marketing and business development roles at industry-leading firms such as Burns & McDonnell, Lend Lease, Hamilton Engineering, Florida Design Consultants, and HOK.

She has penned two books on AEC Marketing and CRM strategies: “Sink or Swim Faster! Making a Splash in Marketing Professional Services” and “CRM or Die: Manage Your Client Relationships or Perish.”

Chaz is committed to helping businesses realize their growth ambitions by tapping into the latent potential of customer data. Over the past decade, she has overseen CRM implementations for more than 120 companies. With her deep CRM expertise, Chaz is well-positioned to guide Datumate in optimizing their customer data, paving the way for accelerated growth in sales and marketing initiatives.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Chaz has a penchant for yoga, reading, and even the unique hobby of setting up a CRM system in her personal space. It’s often quipped that her dedication to CRM is so profound that she may have married just to acquire the initials CRM! Chaz resides in Tampa, Florida, with her husband Greg, their son Mycroft, and two cherished dogs, Goose and Harley.